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About Us

Hygiene and health go hand in hand. The maintenance of hygiene adds to the good health of people. So, caring for people and promoting their good health through quality production of personal care products is Aaranyam The Natural Cosmetic, a Noida (Uttar Pradesh), based famous company. Our company serves as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of many varieties of soaps and hair care products. Our presence in the personal care industry since 2017 is helping people get quality made Hair Care Products and Organic Soaps. We have in our collection not only personal care but also cosmetic items. Our large collection of products is made using chemical and plant based ingredients. Having a mix of chemical and plant based product portfolio, we assure to clients that they will find products as per their wants.

The products that we produce also serve as a great gifting solution. Our special range of gifting solutions encompassing Personal Care Gift Set, Complete Spa Set and Angelic Touch Gift Set has a collection of items that works effectively and proves worthy of investment.

Our Focus Area- Improvement of Health

Eating of healthy food products and exercising for long hours do not contribute significantly in maintaining one's health. There are other factors than aforesaid that contribute in maintaining one's health and one of the major factors is using products that improves personal appearance. Personal care products improves health and there is no denying in this fact.

For people, who are searching for the right shop to buy Organic Soaps, Hair Care products and other products, we, Aaranyam The Natural Cosmetic, are the best stop. Our company serves beautiful blends that make skin glow and hair shine. For making products, fresh plants, fruits, essential oils and other products are used. We excel at producing best blends and ensure that customers will find all quality blends working on their hair and skin effectively.

How Are We Excelling?

Working in the Indian Industry from only two years of span has not stopped us in becoming the best stop to get best personal care products. Factors that well hints how we are excelling in the competitive business are given below:

  • Production of handmade organic soaps
  • Safe and neat packaging of soaps and oils
  • Testing of every small quantity formulation is done prior to making large quantity formulations
  • Reliable ingredients are added in making soaps and oils
  • Safe to pack and store packaging materials are used in the packaging process